About Uhirchsville Carbide Inc.

The corporation was started in 1983. U.C.I. is very diversified with standard and custom tooling to be used in furniture, stairways, and woodworking industries. From industrial saw blades, boring tools, router bits, moulder heads, knife stock, insert tooling, shaper cutters, to lathe equipment.

U.C.I. specializes in carbide tipped tools made from a customer's pattern or wood sample. To do this work requires special equipment and knowledge. This is nearly all custom work, not products off the shelf. This creates the best quality custom cutting products in the cutting tool industry. U.C.I. carries a large in house inventory. Another highly precision operation includes the manufacturing of automatic lathe heads, which U.C.I. builds from scratch. U.C.I. specializes in the sharpening and refurbishing of carbide tipped saw blades.

The future has always looked strong and with new equipment and upgrading, they will continue to grow and give customers the best quality possible. U.C.I. is an industry leader in design, production, and marketing of carbide and tantung tipped cutters. Thanks to the dedication and trust of our customers, and our dedicated and hardworking employees, U.C.I. is still growing.

Contact Info:

410 North Water Str.

Uhrichsville Ohio, 44683

Ph: (800)225-8362

Fax: (740)922-9524



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